What is Little Rockstars?

Music is a very important building block in a child's life.  There have been many studies that show that music has a direct influence on math, spacial awareness, and social skills.  LR is a fun and exciting class where we explore all types of music, from playing rhythmic instruments, to first hand experiencing REAL instruments, to learning about music theory and how to read music notes.

LR is comprised of 7 Units that takes the class on a learning adventure.  Each unit has its own characteristics and songs to go along with it.  These units are:

The Wonderful World of Animals

Home Sweet Home

Around The World


The Great Outdoors



In each of these units, not only will we sing and dance to appropriate songs, but we will learn facts about the different animals, countries, and transportation.

Where can I find LR?

LR is only available at select preschools in Southern California.  Only children that attend these schools are eligible for LR.

We come to the school once a week toteach our 30 minute class.